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September 7, 2004
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..imagine.. by AllTheWorldsSquirrel ..imagine.. by AllTheWorldsSquirrel
:iconalltheworldssquirrel: AllTheWorldsSquirrel

Traditional Art / Street Art©2004-2014 AllTheWorldsSquirrel
imagine a city where graffiti wasn't illegal, a cit where everybody could draw wherever they liked. where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. where standing at a bus stop was never boring. a city that felt like a living breathing thing which belonged to everybody, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. imagine a city like that and stop leaning the wall - its wet.

banksy [link]
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Sulejman Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Groof Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2005  Student Interface Designer
great photo!
j3concepts Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
excellent shot! good imagery. love it!
AllTheWorldsSquirrel Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2004   Interface Designer
thanks :)
masochisticbarbi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004
lol Because I don't have anything to say in that way. Have you read my 'poetry'? it's shit! But I do via graffing actual pictures...freehand! :P . I do graffiti just on random doors that my mam chucked out or on canvas..which is much better because then it isn't rushed and i can concentrate on it. I have done a bit on the streets but i then realised that i am far too crap and such a chicken about getting caught by the police haha. I did start out by doing stencils but it wasn't really a challenge. I put up a piece on [link] but I kind of lost heart with it. I prefered the freehand stuff. They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Graffiting is a brilliant way to relieve stress btw ;)
masochisticbarbi Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2004
:laughing: alot of people have been doing it alot longer than him and a better job but they normally did canvas work. It's not like he pioneered it. He is recognized because he puts it about like a big whore.

It's like taking a shit on a plate and serving it up for dinner to your family.

He means to shock for attention which = Money.
He had a gallery showing of all his work and 'true' graffers went and graffitied on the front Banksy is a fucking sell out. He sells his stuff for shocking amounts ...just like art school arseholes do. It is fair to compare him because he's doing art on the streets that is on property, not of his own and without consent. That is what graffiti is basically. But his work in that is a crude sense. But I must agree...he has something to say. But i wish that people wouldn't keep touting him as this messiah of street art. When Banksy hears that...his eyes roll £ signs.

You say there is only one Banksy. But who really cares? What he does doesn't really take talent as such. Just a steady hand to cut out pictures and letters. And some of the things that he says are pretty intelligent and I agree with them but couldn't he just write a fucking poem or something? lol
AllTheWorldsSquirrel Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2004   Interface Designer
Again, if it was that easy to do, why are you not doing it ;) ?
masochisticbarbi Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2004
I like Banksy but he really tends to be up himself. He speaks alot of sense...but at the same time he thinks his shit don't stink. There is a brilliant crew called Theymademedoit. Their work is amazing. My favourite graffiti artist is Snug~One. He is fucking brilliant.

This piece of work made me feel uneasy. Like I was being brought into a feeling that someone had/has...of guilt and of pain. Like I was a spectator on someones troubles. Just standing/watching. And at the end of the day. That is what we all do. We don't really care unless it happens to us.
It's like someone wrote this who wasn't being heard or couldn't communicate to the person they wanted to say sorry to so badly.

It's a very simplistic way.

Well Done!
AllTheWorldsSquirrel Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004   Interface Designer
aaahh but banksy does not do it for fame or attention, thats why i admire him. he does it for reasons beyond street art and does not make a big issue out of it :)

i'll check out the dudes you've mentioned, and i'm glad ya like me work...... wikky wa wa west

dub = class music!
masochisticbarbi Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2004
Yeah...but I bet he LOVES the attention and the fame. Alot of people have been disgussing Banksy and alot of people say that he doesn't have as much talent as the free hand graphers. He stencils which 3 year olds can do...but he says something with each piece and a big chunk of graffiti art is basically aload of people writing their name wonkily all over the place. But alot of people have said that he has sold out with having a gallery showing and with selling his work for extortionate prices. Where as other graphers...true graphers...wouldn't dream of charging money for what they love doing. But I suppose Banksy has to make a crust. But he's making more like a loaf of bread, Lurpak and with a great big lump of ham wedged in.

I wouldn't really can him a graffiti artist per se...More of a street Artist with a twist. Or maybe just an artist full stop. Because graffiti is very stylised and most of his work doesn't really look like it fits into that catogary. But his work is still very good. But far too hyped.
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